Cleantech Bulgaria Foundation, in partnership with the Bulgarian Consulting Organization and the Cyprus University of Technology, united their expertise in combating the main problem in the Information and Communication Technologies sector – the shortage of qualified labor and the gender imbalance in the sector.

Through the implementation of the GenGapsDiGi project, the project consortium supported the process of increasing the knowledge and capacity of school teachers from rural/semi urban regions to apply new teaching methods for digital gender skills. The project engaged and motivated young women to pursue a career in ICT by encouraging them, showing them best practices and success stories of women in ICT, connected them to education and employment providers. The application of game design methods and entrepreneurship further increased positive impact on young people facing career choices.

The project positively impacted companies by providing them the means and methodologies to attract female talent in their teams and to increase productivity. The combination of these behavior change levers increased female confidence, decreased negative stereotypes and contributed to the reshape of the labor market to be more equal and inclusive.

What have we achieved through the duration of project activities:

  • Raised awareness among 400 students, teachers, and company representatives;
  • Reached to 20 000 people through media publications and digital campaigns;
  • 14 publications in local media channels;
  • 20 trainings in schools and universities;
  • 20 motivational visits in schools and universities;
  • 4 Hackathons with more than 80 participants;
  • 27 companies participated in a mutual learning exchange of good practices;
  • Connected 60 students to 20 ICT companies;
  • Trained 30 companies how to efficiently scout for young female talent in the sector;
  • More than 100 participants in the “Girls in Technology” final conference;
  • 3 Business and public authority engagement meetings.

If you want to find out more about the GenGapsDiGi achievements, click here to download the final GenGapsDiGi leaflet!